Tuesday, June 07, 2016

An Update on Office Walls

It's some months (ahem) since I mentioned getting some photos printed out to put up on the walls of my home office, and only last Saturday did I get started on framing a few of them. Baby steps, people.

Here's what I've been looking at, scanning from left to right.
That's the straight-ahead view, as you can tell by the top of the monitor. The Come In, We're Closed sign was put in a "temporary" spot, so it was covering something else, and the photo above it is one of the ones I got at Apple Festival, for my birthday, which is matted but not framed, balancing atop a nail. Because it wasn't going to be there long. Right.
Scanning right, the other photo from Apple Festival is actually framed since I had a frame that worked for it, along with a lot of empty space.
And over to the right, heading from office space into my yarn store.

As of Monday morning, things are, although not done, improved.
I moved the smaller piece over, rehung the little things that had gotten covered, and put up a few new ones. I love this photo; it makes me smile when I look up at it.
Then to the right:
Pan and Harold and my dad have joined the wall. I think I'll put up Sorry We're Open (the other side of Come In, We're Closed) below him, since there's room there. I have another half-dozen photos to get frames for, as well as the matted one. I don't plan to wait months to do more, but I make no promises. I have learned that much!


Blogger Alice said...

Looks fantastic!! I reallllyyyyy need to get some stuff hung soon considering we're having a 50 person party at our house in.. oh.. a week :-S

4:38 PM, June 09, 2016  

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