Saturday, June 04, 2016

Of Shopping and Movies

I did a bunch of errand-shopping today, and have a few things to show. First, a nice blue swimsuit at Old Navy, worth a try at $22.50:
I still have the one I got in January, but it's fading from the chlorine, so I've been keeping my eye out for another before it gives up the ghost altogether. If this one holds up decently, I'll get more of the same, but I have to test it in the water before I'm sure I like it. Liked the price, anyway!

Next, there's a new liquor store in town, Total Wine & More, and I decided to check out their (caramel) vodka selection as long as I was right there. It turns out they have so many vodkas, their aisle is in alphabetical order, which kind of cracked me up (if other stores do that, it has eluded my notice). I wandered along in some amazement, but this was the first one that had me pulling the tablet out to photograph. Can you read the label?
That's Bison Grass Flavored Vodka. Because apparently that's a thing? What do you suppose it tastes like?

The Dutch Caramel sounds more my style, doesn't it?
Or how about Salted Karamel?
Another in the "oh really?" category.
Banana flavored vodka?

I didn't buy any of those, but I did peruse the miniatures, and while I didn't see any caramel vodka other than the Smirnoff I've already tried, I felt this one was worth the $0.99 to try.
Butterscotch liqueur? In Coke, or maybe coffee? How bad could it be?

I have a couple more movie ratings, as well as a follow-up to a previous one: I noticed no distressed crumpets in Love & Friendship. Not saying they weren't there; perhaps I will notice them when I see it again (right, Mary Ellen? when are we going? it was good!).

Meanwhile, an interesting troika:
And, as long as there's little blood...
See you at the movies!



Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Next Friday, maybe? And I've been meaning to check out that liquor store!

8:57 PM, June 04, 2016  

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