Monday, June 13, 2016

Mostly Hockey, a little other stuff

If you're a hockey fan, you already know that Gordie Howe died last week; if you aren't, I will just say that the man was called Mr. Hockey in all seriousness. Big name in hockey history, is what I'm saying.

Amidst all the stories and tributes that have come along, I ran across this on Stanley Cup of Chowder and found it very entertaining.

I just loved what the last panelist based her decision on.

The Stanley Cup was awarded last night; I couldn't stay up, I was too tired, and anyway I would have preferred San Jose to win and it was Pittsburgh, but in all events the season is over. Now I have to fill my  summer with a patchwork of hockey-related things:

  • the NHL awards
  • the expected announcement about whether the league is expanding for 2017-18 or not
  • the rules for the expansion draft if they do
  • the regular draft
  • free agency and other signings
  • Bruins development camp
  • the World Cup of Hockey
  • training camp

I am used to the nice summer weather being a consolation for me, in the long stretch between seasons, but summer hasn't fully arrived here yet. Consistently warm, that is what I'm hoping for. I would prefer not to be wearing jeans and a sweater right now.

I really can't write much about what happened in Orlando this weekend; it's so horrifying. But I bought myself a shirt today.
And I gave a little money. It all adds up.

And I hugged Carlos a lot. He rewarded me last night by rediscovering the catnip toy as Best Thing Ever.

Licking, rubbing, drooling. Protecting it.
Because you never know when someone will try to take it away.


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