Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sort of Sad It's Sunday Night

If I ignore the end of the weekend, then the weekend can't end, right?


It's been a very good weekend, actually. Starting with the weather, which has been frankly glorious, oh please stay this way for a long time, please...

Friday night was the start of the NHL draft, and to show just how low my expectations there are, I am happy to report that, although the Bruins did not do anything spectacularly wonderful, neither did they get involved in any oh-dear-god-no-what-were-they-thinking transactions. We can hope that some of their picks will help the team in a few years...and that's about it. We'll see what happens when free agency starts in July.

Yesterday Mary Ellen and I went to Newton to watch a documentary, which sounds so dry, doesn't it? Quite unlike me? Well, the title was "Yarn: The Movie," so there you are. That's me, right? And not just me: fortunately we had bought tickets ahead of time, since the showing sold out! It really was interesting, although there were subtitle* challenges, some the fault of the movie itself (white lettering doesn't show up that well against light backgrounds) and some of the location (since the subtitles were at the bottom of the screen, and the setup meant that was at head level, as in the heads of the people in front of you...challenging). But it was still quite interesting, and I'm glad to have gone. And stopping at Wilson's on the way home for more peas was most welcome as well, obviously.
*Some of the people spoke in languages other than English, and some who spoke English had heavy enough accents that they got subtitles, too.

This morning I had brunch with friends, including one I hadn't seen in a long time, so that was great. Then I got some errands done this afternoon, and as evening has come on, I have been trying to ignore it forcefully enough to send it back. Since that isn't working, here, look at the pictures of some sculptures around the Scandinavian Cultural Center, which Mary Ellen took.

It was quite an interesting place, and shares the building with an assisted living center, which looks charming. Just the front porch was enough for me; sign me up!


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Yeah, the white-on-white subtitles didn't work so well!

8:03 PM, June 26, 2016  

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