Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Colorful Walls Get Closer

As part of Operation Office Walls, I took advantage of a recent one-day sale* Photobucket had, and got 10 of my photos printed: I thought $2 each, instead of $5, was a good deal, and they even gave free shipping.
*There's nothing like a one-day sale to kick me into gear on a task!

I found this part of the ordering process pretty amusing, though:
So standard shipping takes three days, and expedited takes four? I don't think that word means what they think it means.

I was so, so tempted to order a few prints of photos that weren't mine, but I refrained*; it just doesn't seem kosher. There are some lovely, colorful yarn photos I've seen on blogs, and of course there's the one I saw in the Globe recently ... I tried to justify that one to myself, since my brother looked into ordering a print for me, for my birthday, and he let me know that they weren't offering that option, but still, it doesn't seem right, somehow. I didn't have much trouble finding 10 of my own that I liked, anyway.
*Although I didn't notice that they asked me if the images were my own to legally print; did I miss that, or don't they ask?

They arrived the other day, and while the quality is certainly good enough, I wasn't thrilled with how they shipped them, in just a paper envelope with a thin piece of paperboard to "protect" them. Because of course the mailman stuck them in the mailbox, which to be fair to him is only about an eighth of an inch too narrow... so they got slightly messed up. Not badly, and I expect it will not be noticeable when I get them matted/framed/up. But still. I put them under a volume of the OED to keep them flat and safe until I have time for the framing quest.

Speaking of the walls, I also put up something that I got several years ago, in New York. Who here has been reading since 2007, when I went to NYC to see the Yarn Harlot? And bought something fun at MoMA? I suddenly remembered it, and up on the wall it went. I can't locate the photos at the moment, but they're in that MoMa link: scroll down looking for red.


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