Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Two Good Things

Today started with a visit to the dentist, but if you imagine all the many ways I could end that sentence, the accurate one is actually the best-case scenario. How often does that happen?

I went in to have a spot checked that was slightly tender; not an emergency, but not something I wanted to wait until my next appointment, since that's the end of August. So I went in, he checked, and found nothing obvious wrong. He said I could be grinding my teeth at night--who, me stressed?--and I might want to try a mouth guard (though as the mere thought makes me gag, I will hold off on that for now). And of course, if it gets worse, let them know, all that, but nothing needing work now. Yay, no drills! And they didn't even charge me for the visit. Whew.

In other good news--even better--I grabbed a ticket to visit my mother in a month, thanks to a JetBlue fare sale. I mean, $300 to go to Florida in the summer is still kind of crazy, but every time I looked before this, I was finding things in the $500 to $600 range, which is totally nuts. Especially since it's set up to show you which days are cheapest, only you look at it and sure, if you want to fly at 6 AM, or midnight, it's cheaper! But I don't, so I've been holding off, and now I can go. I'll have to work a couple of days when I'm there--don't want to use up all my vacation time before Christmas--but there will still be plenty of time to relax. Ahhh.

Funnily enough, this morning Facebook popped up one of those "look at what you were posting a year ago" things, and where was I a year ago? Florida. Coincidence!


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