Monday, June 06, 2016

Planning a Day Trip: Portland Maine Edition

I'm in a good mood at the moment, based on two things, one present and one (near-)future.

First, today was warm! And partly sunny! And I had the windows open to the lovely fresh air, and wore sandals when I went out!

And second, I'm taking a vacation day on Friday and heading to Portland, Maine (which is about a 90-minute drive away) with friends, a plan which has come up just recently but which I am ridiculously pleased about.

This plan started when I heard about this gelato, since Gelato Fiasco has a store there, and one of my friends has in-laws in Maine and therefore is familiar with the area. We talked about going this summer, and then she realized she had a couple of vacation days to use-or-lose this month, and suggested it be sooner.

There are also yarn stores to visit, and our first stop has to be at The Holy Donut, right? We have heard it is fabulous, and I hope they won't sell out of everything before we get there. Cross your fingers, would you?

I will be bringing my camera, and plan an extensive report. Does anyone know the area? Any other recommendations? Lots of pondering to do before Friday!

And right now, I need to go fold the towels I washed today, and put them away. Well, it can't all be trip planning...


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