Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Who Bruins?

Bruins fan blog Stanley Cup of Chowder is spending some of the offseason rating all the Bruins, and today was David Pastrnak's turn. I was watching the video of the goals he scored, and did a double take at around 2:30 in, when I saw a game where NESN--that would be the New England Sports Network, TV home of the Bruins--apparently thought the Bruins were from Buffalo.

WTF, Sabres goal?
They weren't even playing Buffalo, they were playing Montreal. At least NESN was consistently wrong:
The Bruins players seem pretty happy that Buffalo is beating Montreal...

How does that even happen?

Another thing that SCOC is doing is reliving the Bruins Cup run from 5 years ago, game by game; today was game 4 of the finals. Ahh, so nice (in a bittersweet way) to watch. The moves! The teamwork! All the players who aren't with the team any more...


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