Friday, August 07, 2015

After Yarn, Before Yarn

So, today was very much a day that I took advantage of being free and unfettered on weekdays, as one of my knitting friends posted on Facebook this morning to see if anyone wanted to join her on a trip to Webs, and I said hey, count me in! It was great fun, and I'm glad I went, but even though I wasn't driving, it was kind of tiring. Weird, right? So I will be (somewhat) brief (for me).

We parked next to this truck at lunch. What is a habitatual sculptor? Any guesses?
I don't know if they've always had this sheep in one of the offices at Webs, but I love how it looks like it's about to eat the yarn in the basket.
I also liked this magnet.
Though I didn't buy it. What did I buy? Well, not a ton, but a few things: new sock blockers, which should ensure that the ones I've mislaid come to the surface at once. And another cord for my interchangeable needles, since I never have enough. And two skeins of yarn. Preliminary bad-light photo:
The blues-and-greens is Alegria, from Manos del Uruguay, a lovely squishy merino/nylon; the beige is Miski, from Mirasol, and it is (wait for it) 100% llama. Baby llama, even. It was the sole skein in its color marked down to $7, and it chose me and would not be put down. I'm thinking it will make a lovely, light, WARM cowl. I petted it in the car all the way home.

In other news, I considered all the input that I got, here and on Facebook, about the office chair, and what should go under it, and last night I ran out to Ocean State Job Lot and got a small rug, and a chair mat to go over it. Hopefully the floor and the chair will be happy with this arrangement.
Meanwhile, Belmont thinks that not only is the chair hers, but so is the box it came in.
She sits there frequently. Right now, it's not really in the way, so I guess I'll let her play in it for a while.

Tomorrow is the Fiber Revival, which I am much looking forward to after enjoying last year. The weather is, I think, supposed to be much like today, which was lovely, so a good day to sit outside and knit and all. I'm off to get things together for that. Oh, and eat dinner, I should do that, too.


Blogger Kate P said...

Bel is cracking me up. All the new things are just for her enjoyment!

2:06 PM, August 09, 2015  

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