Thursday, August 20, 2015

Swim Summary, Getting Ready to Move On

I went swimming at the Y today, as I did yesterday, three times last week, and three times the week before. Which is not the biggest sample size, but it has served to confirm to me two things:
  1. I find swimming for exercise less distasteful than other forms of exercise that I have tried. Pleasant, no, not really, but tolerable.
  2. Even putting the cost aside, the scheduling difficulties mean I will not be able to sustain this while working. It's been enough of a challenge when I'm not.
So at least I know. It's too bad, though.

In other news, I finally took my old TV out to the car, only three months after replacing it, and will take it and the old DVD player in to recycle tomorrow. Get them out of the house at last! I won't know what to do with that spot on the living room floor.

I'm also going grocery shopping tomorrow, both of these things to be done after one last weekday lunch with a friend/former coworker. A good enough way to end my period of funemployment! Then Saturday night is my friend's wedding (blanket update: roughly half done, motoring along), and Sunday night a dinner with friends, and then boom, working. We'll see how that goes. I will, of course, report in.


Blogger Leslie said...

Will you have set working hours while working from home? Since you're saving at least an hour a day in commute time can you somehow use that for swimming 3x a week? I guess I'm saying can you take off on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10:00 until noon to go swimming while "clocking in" early on Tuesday and Thursday and working late a day to make up the time? It seems to me that working from home should allow more flexibility in scheduling.

At any rate, it sounds like a fun weekend!

10:25 AM, August 21, 2015  

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