Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Where I Am, Metaphorically, on a Tuesday

This morning I had to get up at a reasonable hour (more than reasonable, really, unless you haven't had to set your alarm for a while) to be at a career center seminar by 10. Turns out that I can keep getting unemployment until my new job starts, as long as I continue to play by their rules. I can do that. The money comes in handy, you know, for non-depleting-savings-and-panicking-about-bills purposes. As far as the state is concerned, I am on the job hunt until I actually start working. Whatever, MA. Whatever.

From there, I went straight to the Y, and this time instead of swimming laps I took part in a low-impact water aerobics class that I was just in time for. It made a nice change from the laps (she says casually, based on her one day of experience), less intense but longer. And I'm quite achy this afternoon, so even though it didn't raise my heart rate the way the laps did, I expect it's good for something. I was also starving by the time I got out, not having thought to bring a snack for in between seminar and swimming; I raced home for lunch and had to refrain from snacking all afternoon. I mean, I did snack after lunch, but I basically wanted to eat continually. I'm pretty sure I didn't burn 1000 calories in 45 minutes, so have to be careful there.

My other accomplishment in the last few days* was to take care of rolling 2 more old 401(k)s into my IRA. Does it not figure that of the three I've now done, each one does it differently? It's like they're trying to be difficult. I am looking forward to seeing the additions (I almost said 'donations') raise the total.
*Beyond running the dishwasher and dropping things off at the dry cleaner, which I don't actually expect congratulations for.

I put in a movie this afternoon and did some knitting, plugging away on the blanket; I'm into the 7th ball of yarn so far, making it probably between a quarter and a third done. Miles to go, and I think I'll go do more now. Let me just point out before I go that if you're a Bruins fan, be sure to read the Bruins A to Z on Puck Daddy (and if you're a fan of another team, they're going alphabetically, so yours should be coming). Pretty entertaining, I found it, and though it kept crashing on the tablet, it worked on the computer just fine. My only factual quibble was the claim that Bergeron was one of the players who "honed his skills" in the AHL, since the only time he played there was when the NHL was locked out (the time before last). They're doing good development things at the P-Bruins level, but they don't get much credit for him, in my opinion.


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