Sunday, August 23, 2015

Not That Kind of Hangover

Despite my new-found fondness for a little caramel vodka in a Coke, I'm still not much of a drinker, so when I say I feel hungover after my friend's wedding, I am speaking metaphorically. It was wonderful, start to finish--or at least, until I was finished, after 11, though the party continued--but I feel wiped out today.

Worth it? Absolutely! Any small quibbles (a little too warm in the church, really chilly at the reception, music on the loud side for having conversations) are vastly overshadowed by the beauty of the bride (what a dress!) and her attendants, the moving mass (without any of those dragging points that sometimes crop up), great food, everyone all dressed up, seeing friends, exchanging glances with friends that show wordless agreement about what that person decided to wear to a wedding (in a church!), and Did you see...? ... it was all great fun.

As to my lethargy today, the weather could be contributing: at about 70 degrees and overcast/drizzly, it's almost too chilly to have the windows open. Which is quite a change from a week ago, when it was too hot to have the windows open! I hope summer comes back.

I don't think my imminent employment is a factor in how I feel today, though it could be that it's not helping me shake it off. So weird to think about working again, and about going back to a previous company, and all these things. I do truly think it has an excellent chance of working out well, but mild jitters beforehand are normal. It will be better once I've started. Fortunately, I have a dinner with friends planned for tonight, so I won't be spending all my time Trying Not To Think About It.


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