Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happy Birthday to You

(You know who you are.)

Based on today's experience, I think I was right in predicting that being in a separate location from my boss, so that I can wonder aloud what she is thinking, will be very therapeutic. Today was fine, don't get me wrong, but there was a moment when it was good to be able to say aloud, "She can't possibly think that..." We've picked up right where we left off, but distance is key.

Now, on to Project Deskification. The list I came up with yesterday goes like this.
  1. remove files from cabinet
  2. remove items from shelves on top of cabinet, and move shelves
  3. move cabinet over, possibly sliding current computer table over to the wall, and removing rug etc under table
  4. put files back in
  5. move litter box out from under neighboring table, determine new location
  6. move desk into place, put in drawers, put chair and rug back in place
  7. arrange the computers etcetera on the new desktops (plural!)
  8. get a cork board! Around three feet by two feet, to hang over the new desk
I have started step 1. Won't get it all done tonight, obviously, but chipping away.


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