Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's Think About Yarn Instead

I'm pretty cranky tonight, nothing too serious but unexpected, and we all know how well I deal with that. And I will spare you the epic rant about a series of interactions (email, phone, phone again) regarding access to my prescription coverage. Let's talk about something else, shall we, something fun? With pictures!

On Saturday, Mary Ellen and I drove away up to Newbury for the annual Fiber Revival, a cute little* festival held on an historic farm. There were about ten vendors, some animals, and a lot of people sitting around not just knitting but spinning. The weather was beautiful (perfick, in fact), and it was such a nice way to spend an afternoon.
*Sorry, but next to Rhinebeck...

A rather weathered sign that would have impressed me more with proper hyphenation.
Sorry to nitpick (not really), but "a public spirited woman" and "a public-spirited woman" are not the same.

The farm house.
With a rather surprised-looking entrance, yes?
Shocked, even.

There were a couple of alpacas:
This one was humming, that one was resting.
Until he heard something over there.
What was that?

There was a donkey.
Who also heard something over there.
There was an enormous pig, happy as a pig in ... well, you know.
And really, who wouldn't be?
There were, for reasons of which I know not, men in vintage uniforms playing baseball. Kind of Field of Dreams, eh?
Did I buy anything, you ask? Ha. Well, not a lot. A pretty project bag:
And one skein of yarn. It was at the booth (tent?) with this display:
But it wasn't one of those, it was this:
It makes a matched pair of socks, as you start the first one from the outside of the ball and the second one from the inside. Pretty cool! And, I'm thinking, good colors to be knitting on in San Francisco in a few weeks. Since I got to the heel on the second sock of my current pair:
So I will need to start a new pair for the trip.

We spent a pleasant while, knitting and watching spinners. One woman had these three that she had spun, and was plying together into such pretty yarn.
Another had silk, glowing on her wheel.
All in all, a Very Nice Day. And who can't use more of those? And since I finished the day by having dinner with a friend, and hanging out after watching half an excellent old movie*, it really was perfect.
*I must say that I love IMDB's summary: "A fun-loving couple, finding that they died and are now ghosts, decide to shake up the stuffy lifestyle of a friend of theirs." Can't argue!



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