Sunday, August 09, 2015

On Fiber Revival-ing

Today's weather has been less pleasant than yesterday's; it isn't actually that much cooler, but with little to no sun and a continuous breeze, it feels much cooler, and I'm glad that the beautiful day came yesterday, in time for the Fiber Revival. It was a good time! Perfect for some time spent sitting outside, knitting and people-watching. We brought chairs and snacks, bought lunch there, browsed the booths, and looked at the animals.

First, though, this bumper sticker, which has nothing to do with fiber but I loved all the same.

Next, lots of animals. Humming alpaca, recently shorn:
Other alpaca likes his head scritched:
Really, really likes it.
"Don't think about it. No touchy."
The horse, of course.
I seem not to have gotten pictures of the donkey, or the pig who was far from the fence. A few goats, hamming around. I mean, don't you always perch on a giant spool?
Or sleep in a feeding trough?
And this one was just posing. With crazy eyes.
Also sheep, here:
And everywhere. With all that green, this one was digging in the dirt.
This guy, meanwhile, was tired of stooping, and ate on his knees instead, even moved around that way!
Laziness as art form.

They had a display that we first noticed from a distance for the size of the wheel.
It turned out to be on spinning flax, which is what this is:
Pretty neat.

There as also a demonstration that we made sure to check out, given the description "devices of questionable origin" ("rodents of unusual size", anyone?). It turns out that the woman who was there to teach a few classes, Abby Franquemont (on the right), had been having some health issues that interfered with her spinning, so her husband (on the left) came up with an alternative to all the pedaling that spinning wheels involve. He's up to the 8th iteration, hence the label (click photo to enlarge).
Even for a non-spinner, it was pretty cool.

There was a beautiful shawl on display at one of the booths.
But although there are only a few projects of it listed in Ravelry, more than one notes it isn't well-written, so I will probably pass. Too bad, it's pretty!
Finally, the yarn. I held myself to one new skein, from Spunky Eclectic, in a rainbow of sherbet colors:
It's lace-weight, which probably means a shawl, but who knows. It sure is pretty.
And while I was at it, better pictures of Friday's Webs purchases. The bland-looking but amazing-feeling llama:
And the depths of the sea:
Considering the temptations around me, not too much damage done!



Blogger Alice said...

OK, I am embarrassed to admit that I read this ENTIRE POST thinking "wow, a whole festival dedicated to eating more fiber seems a little weird." I... need more coffee apparently.

12:26 PM, August 11, 2015  
Anonymous jekc said...

Sorry to say that a sheep on its knees usually means that it needs some medical attention to its feet. Love the idea of the lazyiness though.

5:12 PM, August 12, 2015  

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