Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Sitting Down Properly

Less than an hour after I had this:
I had this:
So this could get interesting. Whose chair is it, anyway?

Yes, I went to Ikea today, my first-ever visit. It is an experience, isn't it? We hadn't gone far when I said to my friend that I wished I wore a step counter, because I bet that would be very interesting there. We went through the whole maze: she was scouting rather than buying, since she may be about to move, and it's good to see things in person to know what you'll want to get when the time comes. I was looking at office chairs--I mean, I looked at a ton of things, but office chairs were my primary focus. Though I did like this little Micke desk (with integrated storage).
I may consider getting one to use along with my current table-that-is-computer-desk, to separate the "home office" area from the personal desk area. Still undecided on that.

The chair, meanwhile, is the Malkolm, and was $80. It's decently comfortable, too; I wasn't positive I would buy one today, but it felt good, with actual cushioning and support, and adjustable height and arms and wheels* (but not free-wheeling: the wheels kind of lock when there isn't a weight in the chair, so it won't go shooting back when you stand, which is clever). The idea of possibly saving a little money by continuing to look was overruled by the idea of just having the decision made and done with, already. Boom. Bought, put together, done.
*I don't know if I need to get a floor pad type of thing; I would if I had carpet, certainly, but on hardwood? Will it damage the hardwood? Maybe better safe than sorry.

I had to photograph something else in the store:
Because according to the tag, this extremely odd decor item has "humor, dignity and naturalness"--obviously, right? In a square pink deer?

One interesting thing they were out of stock on was a standing desk attachment for the shelves like the ones I got for my yarn storage. There's a possibility for future, at a tenth the price of the adjustable topper I saw online. All sorts of possibilities...


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That was your first Ikea visit?!

8:41 PM, August 05, 2015  
Blogger goosefairy said...

I'm surprised you have to ask. It's obviously Belmont's chair.

12:50 PM, August 06, 2015  
Blogger Leslie said...

Belmont figured you purchased a chair to coordinate with her outfit. Obviously.

I would highly recommend you purchase a pad for under the chair. It will save wear on the floor finish and on the wood. Alternatively, you could just put in a large, short nap carpet but then you might find lint accumulating in the wheel bearings and causing you to "stall." This is the sort of thing you get from Amazon or Overstock so you don't have to carry it upstairs (I assume UPS delivers right to your door upstairs, right?) They're heavy and awkward.

8:28 PM, August 06, 2015  

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