Sunday, March 22, 2015


Really, how can the weekend be over so soon?

Well, it's been a pretty good one. Yesterday, despite starting with snow (ugh, honestly), included a good trip to Northampton.

Colors in art supplies.
Seems like the greens are the hot seller.

Not something I ever thought of buying.
And who is that in the gallery window?
Well, the grinch, of course.
A shelf in Raven Used Books (where I bought Clara Parkes' Book of Yarn, looking forward to delving into that).
And at Webs, a skein of yarn that looked almost braided!
Never seen one like that before.

I went with a coworker who has been knitting for a year or two, and is new to the area, so has heard of Webs but never been. Also with us was another coworker who is learning: we've been having crafty lunch-time on Fridays, and she's picking it up quickly. They were both duly impressed, and we had a good time. And I didn't even have to drive!

And did I get any yarn myself? What a silly question.
Pretties. The color of the multi skeins, Manos del Uruguay Serena (alpaca/cotton) is a bit brighter than it seems here, at least on my monitor, but they are still muted, watercolors, not oils. And the grey one is from Baah! La Jolla, it's called, and it's merino. And it's soft. Of course.


Blogger Leslie said...

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7:58 AM, March 23, 2015  
Blogger Leslie said...

Did you happen to run into "The Young Man" at Webs? I don't go in often but when I do he's my absolutely favorite clerk, and is quite helpful and knowledgeable to boot. Aside from being the only male on the floor (except for the occasional glimpse of Steve Elkins) that is what his name tag says. Next time you're there, do look for him.

7:59 AM, March 23, 2015  

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