Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Not Cohesive Enough to Title

I feel betrayed by a spam email.

Today I saw this gem, caught by the Google spam filter.
And yet, today does not seem to have been a particularly lucky day. Maybe it will be tomorrow?

Not that today was a bad day. Sure, my mouth is tender from the dental work (codeine helps), and the satisfaction of having work to do again is offset by multiple "what does she mean there?" moments, but hey, super-fast chocolate delivery! Seriously, I placed the order with Lake Champlain yesterday at 2, and the box was on my door when I got home today. Wow! Very impressive.

And, yeah, it did snow today, but it didn't accumulate, much.

Nor is it supposed to accumulate much when it snows tomorrow.

The weekend's snow, they're not saying yet.

Because of course it's supposed to snow this weekend. Or it might be a mix of rain and snow, because the only thing better than more snow would be heavy, wet snow.

Wait, where was I going with this? Was it supposed to end well? Hmmm. I lost the thread.

Perhaps I should have followed last night's Bruins-watching strategy, and quit while I was ahead. Since they're out west, the game started at 9. I watched the first period, and went to bed happy with a 2-0 lead. Don't get me wrong, I expected them to lose, which they did, but at least I didn't miss sleep to watch it. I know I've said before that the year they won the Cup, they just found different ways to win, in all situations; this year, they find different ways to lose. It is ... not as much fun.

Right, here's something from Facebook that made me laugh yesterday. Possibly because I'm losing it, but you be the judge, if you're a Harry Potter fan.
Even better, someone commented, "You're a muffin, Harry." I can't explain why, but that just made me giggle for the longest time.


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