Monday, February 16, 2015

Expanding on Facebook

This afternoon, I put this on Facebook:
My day so far:
*finish shoveling out car
*listen to snow removal equipment for two hours
*get police officer to stop dump truck parade long enough to get out of driveway
*nerve-wracking drive on snow-clogged streets
*90 minutes in the chair at the dentist, getting a crown
*nerve-wracking drive home, dodging trucks to get back into driveway
*listening to continued snow removal noises
Great day, right? And half my face is still numb, so I have that wearing off to look forward to. Fortunately, Lake Champlain Chocolates put their valentine's candy on sale today. My smile may be lopsided, but I'm smiling!
Not the best day overall, no. I am grateful to have the snow removal being done in my neighborhood, absolutely, we needed it so much, and I am also grateful they didn't work on it at night, the way they did a few years back. Especially since they got here 8 hours ago! But it is a lot of noise and vibration and disruption, from which my only break has been a few hours of torture. So excited to go to knitting tonight! Apart from wanting to get away from this, the recent and never-ending storms have had something especially against Mondays, and we've missed the last three weeks. I want to show them the blanket before it is too big to bring (it almost is now).

Now, I know you live for the snow pictures, so in case you're wondering what the snow removal looks like, it goes like this. There's one guy (in a machine I would probably know the name of, if I spent any time with little kids) pushing snow down the street to the intersection.
The guys there scoop up the snow and throw it into the dump trucks, which take it away, somewhere.
It is neither a quick nor a quiet process. But it does work. As you can see when you compare this morning's pile-next-to-the-car:
To this afternoon's:
I hope that pile falls away from my car, when it falls. Which will not be soon, given the current freeze we're in. Still, it will be so nice to be able to pass cars, instead of pulling into driveways to avoid them.


Blogger Kate P said...

Oooh, sorry about the dental visit. I hope you're starting to get more feeling back.

I think that's a backhoe? I just read BUILDING OUR HOUSE with first grade and showed them the video-book version of I'M DIRTY! read by--of all people--Steve Buscemi. Hilarious.

5:53 PM, February 17, 2015  

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