Friday, February 20, 2015

Be It Ever So Friday

There's no place like Friday night.

The Bruins game starts shortly, and I have decided to give it a chance, but have given myself preapproval to stop watching if it is too painful. (Stanley Cup of Chowder wrote on Facebook, "How will the Bruins disappoint us tonight? We'll find out in a few hours" and that about sums it up.) My tolerance for shit from them is low, of course, but not so low as to not give it a try.

With knitting in hand.

And chocolate.

And the remote in reach. NBCSN is showing curling, and it isn't even the Olympics! (I am not a big fan of curling, and have mocked it for being televised endlessly during the Olympics, as opposed to other events that are over in seconds. But I might turn it on for a moment, just to enjoy the novelty.)

Happy Friday night to you, however you spend it.


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