Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guess the Topic

Through yesterday, the forecasters were talking about the snow expected on Thursday, now predicted at a dusting to a few inches, and the as-yet-undetermined amounts on the weekend.

No one was talking about snow today, Wednesday.

Cue ominous music...

I heard the trash truck this morning and looked out full of sympathy because that job must be so much harder with all the snow, and those poor guys ... wait ... it's snowing? Why the hell is it snowing?!?

Yeah. I think if I'd been expecting it, I wouldn't have been quite so poleaxed by the sight, but as it was, well, as one of my friends noted when I complained on Facebook, "you know it's bad when [ccr] drops the f-bomb". The language in my head is often R-rated, but I don't generally let that out on the world. Some days, though...

I went in to work anyway--the commute was only slightly over double the normal time, and enlivened by an ambulance needing to get through at one point, more than a challenge in all this snow--and only regretted it because I couldn't wail and gnash my teeth quite as much as I would have had I been alone at home. There's commiserating and there's okay-shut-up-already. At least it made me glad that I can't see a window from my desk; every time I got up and looked out, my mood dropped again. I bought consolatory ice cream tonight.

Meanwhile, Suburban Correspondent commented, "Honey, down here with HALF that amount of snow, we wouldn't even be THINKING of going to work. They probably wouldn't get the roads cleared until March." First, the roads probably won't be back to normal here before March. Second, let me show you the sort of picture I keep seeing on Facebook, in the last few weeks.
I'm actually lucky not to be feeling pressure from work to go in; I know people who did work Monday, and not "essential personnel" like at hospitals, either. But that's a meme, you say, that's not really what you're seeing around you. Well, you're right. So here's a picture from the Globe:
Or this one, also from the Globe:
Or, hey, mine, when I took when I pulled into my spot tonight and looked at the neighbor's pile.
That's looking over the hood of my car, so you see how high it goes, right? Now, he's the one with the snow blower, so he doesn't have to lift all that manually. But Still. That peak is probably 8 feet tall.

I think I hear that ice cream calling me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good news is that the snow piles are now deep enough to put boards over the top to make a tunnel so you don't have to shovel out your front walk again. This is what they used to do Up North in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan where they get 300 inches a year. --Karen in Michigan.

11:24 AM, February 12, 2015  

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