Monday, February 23, 2015

Best-Laid Plans, but NBD

I was planning to go to stitch and bitch tonight, and it wasn't the car battery that stopped me, but it was the car. The car started this morning (yay!), but I noticed that one of the tires looked low on air, and when I left work tonight, it was low enough that I drove to the dealership instead of my planned destination. They confirmed that it was too low, but the guy had to take it apart and search before he found a very small leak between the tire and the something (it's all greek to me). Hopefully, his fix will hold, of course I'll be keeping an eye on that, but for tonight it made me too late to go knit, so I came home and scrounged some dinner here instead.

And cracked up over this video, on Puck Daddy, of the Penn State men's hockey team winning a dance competition.

Love it! That's a lot of choreography, and the kick line, and especially the part at 0:55 where they worked in a hockey stick. Fun.


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