Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Seen on the Road, Part II

Last night's Bruins game was ... a poor effort overall. I mean, after allowing the first goal, they came back to lead 3-1, which is good! But when I tell you that they lost 4-3, that's all you need to know. And they played so well on Saturday...

Wait, it isn't all you need to know: it turns out that Torey Krug broke his finger and will be out a few weeks. That makes half of the defensemen they had when they were overstocked in training camp, gone. Sigh.

In other news, do you remember when I wrote about how my mother "twisted her ankle" in San Francisco? Is anyone surprised to hear that she actually broke two bones in her foot, besides borking something else? Yeah. The good news is that the doctor was tremendously positive about how she had done it in the best possible way for it to heal, which it is doing, albeit slowly. My mother the overachiever.

Other than that, I have some more photos from Rhinebeck weekend to show you. As before, there's an old car show in the area that weekend, meaning one catches the most enticing glimpses of the most charming old cars. I so wish I could have gotten shots of the old fire trucks driving down the road; I either need a chauffeur or a photographer with me at times like these. But feast your eyes on what I did get.

What IS this?
And this beauty? License plate...
Then there were these beauties parked at the diner.
I think stately is the right word. Or sprightly?
Even more than going to a car show, I love seeing them on the road like this. Like it's perfectly normal.
Too cool.


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