Monday, October 06, 2014


I'm going to another funeral tomorrow*, for a friend's husband. It wasn't unexpected--he'd been in hospice for a few weeks--but 54 is just way too young. Way, way too young. Let's talk about something else.
*Fourth this year

Like this monstroisty, which I saw in a catalog recently. What's with the extra fabric around the hips? Saddlebags?
Who needs that? What IS it?
Ohh, I see. "Funky charm," of course. Right.

Also seen recently:
A nice zombie take on the Subway slogan, "eat fresh"!

Next, here's a hint: if I can't make out the name of your company due to the font you use in an ad, the ad isn't worth much.
Really, what does it say?

Finally, courtesy of Dave Barry:
Um, ouch? It's amazing no one was seriously hurt.

P.S. Post number 2222!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That tunic is... something. And I ::think:: the bag site is tika bags? but... yeah, hard to tell!

8:52 PM, October 06, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

Mary Ellen's correct - it's $145 for project bags that look like my mother's from the 1940's with wooden handles and a couple of cute sock bags. No big deal.

I can't see a "normal sized" woman wearing that tunic. It's designed for the size 2 model so she can have something approaching hips. bah!

8:54 AM, October 07, 2014  

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