Saturday, October 25, 2014

Random Bits at the End of a Productive Day

I got quite a lot done today, though the result of how much I got done, including lots of stairs for laundry (last night and today, in fact), as well as 19 minutes on the bike and a bit of shopping, is that I have achy hips and a sore butt. Exercise is good for me, riiiight. That's why I feel so good. (My arthritis has also been bad on and off this week, for no reason I can tell, which is adding to the general feelings of decrepitude.)

Boston drivers are notoriously bad, but I saw two incidents yesterday that were so stupid that I could scarcely believe my eyes.

On the way to work, I was coming up to a red light on a road that was widening from one lane to two; I would be getting into the left lane, to turn left just down the road. There were 3 or 4 cars in the right line, waiting at the light, and none in the left; the car in front of me seemed at first like he was going to get behind the ones in the right lane, before he moved into the left lane instead.

He then drove to the front of the left lane, put his right blinker on, and turned right, crossing in front of the other lane, on the red light. Agh!

Right on red is actually legal in MA (unless there's a sign prohibiting it), but I'm pretty sure that right on red from the left lane is never legal. Plus, the light turned green about one second after he turned, meaning that he had cut it awfully close and could easily have been hit by the first car in line, who would (understandably) not have been expecting a car to cross in front of him. Unbelievable.

Then, on the way home, I was driving down a one-lane-each-way street with fairly heavy traffic, more than usual anyway (Fridays are so weird, quieter in the morning, busier in the afternoon). As we were getting to a turn to a side road, the car in front of me seemed to be pulling into it, except that what he actually did was use the wider spot in the road to pull around the car in front of him, who was apparently not going as fast as he wanted! Crazy stupid.

Mind you, that car was driving slowly, leaving a good ten car lengths between him and the next cars, but the point is, there were cars ahead! Mr Idiot passed Mr Slow and then was behind other cars, and when Mr Slow and I got to the next light, there was Mr Idiot, waiting for it to turn green.

I suppose that, after the morning's incident, I should be glad he was waiting for it.

I went to the ASPCA website today, as I had read that they will send one free pet-rescue window stickers for in-case-of-emergency, which is something I haven't gotten around to doing. I was much amused to see the following below the name-and-address section:
Dogs and cats, no surprise. I also wouldn't have been surprised to see some sort of general small animal category, to cover rodents and bunnies and the like. But horses? I mean, I have no idea how many people have horses in the first place, but specifically in the context of the window stickers? Maybe you put the sticker in your barn window for the horses? Actually, I looked at it again, and there isn't a place on the sticker to check off horses (unless you used the "other" spot). So why are they asking? Any ideas?


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