Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Diving Into October

My busy month really gets going now.

Tonight I'm trying to get ready for my mother's arrival tomorrow and our departure for NY Friday morning, while simultaneously watching the Bruins play their season opener (yay, hockey's back! hockey new year! hockey hockey hockey). I will also be dealing with one cat who wants me to sit down and pet her already, and another who made his first request that I come to bed at around 7 this morning.

Then my mother will arrive, and we will depart, and odds are I won't be posting over the weekend.

We'll get back, she'll leave, and I'll be unpacking from that trip and packing for Rhinebeck at about the same time, wheee (I loved that year when there was a weekend in between).

Then I will be off to Rhinebeck*, and then I will be back and completely whacked out by it all.
*Fun fact: I first went in 2009, making this my sixth trip already.

So! That's what I came to say. And now I have to go, you know, do all that. Happy birthday eve to me. See you when I see you!

(And there's Carlos, meowing for me. This is going to be a long evening.)


Blogger Kate P said...

Happy birthday, fellow October baby! I hope this is the start of a year of happiness for you. :)

9:43 PM, October 09, 2014  

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