Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Back, Briefly

Oh, hey there. How you doing?

I'm good, myself. It was a great weekend, a great visit with my mother and other family, a great birthday, lots of great food. And now I'm back and pooped and gearing up for Rhinebeck this weekend (or trying to), and hoping that the Bruins break out of their rut tonight (they won the first game of the season, then lost the next three). The game doesn't start until 8*, and I'd place money against my being awake at the end of the game, but we'll see.
*It's in Detroit, and it's on NBCSN again. Just give me NESN, people, I like my homer announcers more than the ones who try to "explain" hockey to me. I've been watching for 40 years, somehow I picked up what a line change is.

It's Wednesday night, isn't it? Today was a funny day, it took forever and ever to get through, and I had to look at a presentation with the most disgusting photos* on the slides, and there's PMS, and bigwigs in the office, and just all sorts of strangeness. Just epically strange all over.
*Ankle fracture surgeries, yuck

I'm tired, is what I'm saying. And I've got tonight, and tomorrow night, and then Friday night I'll be packing to leave early Saturday. And it's worth it (Rhinebeck!), but I'm tired just thinking about it. I actually looked at the calendar today, and I think in 2017, looks like there will be a weekend between Apple Festival and Rhinebeck that year. Woo.

Okay. I think eat, bike, watch hockey, go to bed. Here, for your amusement, look at what the Google Street View camera looks like in Abu Dhabi:
Carlos is calling, got to go...


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