Friday, October 24, 2014

Rationally Irrational

The title comes from an exchange Mary Ellen and I had today on the subject of the Bruins and superstition.

The Bruins who, as training camp wrapped up, had 8 healthy defensemen, which is one more than they usually want to carry on the roster. So they traded one (Boychuck) only to have first one defenseman and then another go down to injury in the last week. And no offense to Kevan Miller, but it's the loss of Zdeno Chara that's the bigger deal.

So I mentioned to Mary Ellen that, although I don't actually believe it will make a difference, it makes me want to cast on a sweater (if you don't remember my mentioning it, the last time I knit one, the Bruins won the Cup), and, between loads of laundry tonight, I pulled out the pattern I want to make, and yarn and needles to maybe look at starting.

Look, it can't hurt!


Blogger Leslie said...

I remember that when you mentioned Hitch I took a peek at Ravelry and thought then, as I do now, that the sweater has really SHORT arms. Either the model is very tall or the pattern needs some looking into. Best of luck to your Bruins!

11:27 AM, October 25, 2014  

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