Thursday, October 16, 2014

Holding On, Hanging In

I will admit that I did not ride the bike last night after all, no matter my stated intention. When the cramps moved in, my good intentions died away, as sometimes happens.

And as I expected, I didn't quite make it to the end of last night's Bruins game (a pox on 8 PM starts; tonight's is 7:30, which isn't much better). I took the radio to bed for the third period, read along with it for a bit, then turned the light out and listened, inevitably falling asleep. When I woke to hear them saying that the Bruins had gotten the result they wanted from the shootout, I turned the radio off with satisfaction, both for the result and for my not trying to stay up for it. I didn't hear the end of the 3rd period, OT, or the shootout, and given how tired I already was this morning (So. Tired.), I needed the sleep I did get, much more than any enjoyment the game would have given me.

I was in a really bad mood much of today, and I'm not sure why. Hormones? Rain? Tired? Just stressing out over stupid things for no good reason? A little of all? Anyway, I'm going to eat some dinner now, and hope that will help. And give me strength to not be driven insane by Carlos and his mrrrping neediness. I know, buddy, I know, you missed me. You want my company. I missed you, too, and I love to hang with you, but, you know, not 24/7.
I did not hear you say that.


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