Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fest and Birthday-Related Things

I'm squeezing my last October-related update in before October ends, whew! As always, although Apple Festival happens before Rhinebeck, my updates about it always seem to come after.

In, as will quickly be clear, no particular order, here we go.

I already showed you the yarn from Apple Festival, at the end of the Rhinebeck yarn post, but here it is again just 'cause it's so pretty.
And soft, you should feel it!
My aunt is cleaning out some things, and I brought back a few photos, including this one of my great-grandmother.
Fridge magnet I bought myself. So True!
Sign my aunt got for me. I like to think that I'm not judging ... but yeah, I am noticing.
One of the vendors at the fest had magnets with images from license plates. You know I had to get my initials.
My aunt's birthday card.
My great-grandfather's passport. Don't they look different than they do now?
I loved this page in the back; so very multilingual.
Mum said this was her father's. Know what it is?
A comb!
Mum remembered a neighbor who built things like this. It's such a neat little chest, and so well made. It's heavy enough that I thought it must have things in the drawers, but no, that's the weight of real wood!
Some books for my birthday, always a good choice. And, not pictured, Doctor Who dvds!
I had to pick up a catnip toy in Bruins colors. The cats aren't that interested; I think it needs some time in a bag with catnip, to rejuvenate it. We'll see. At least I like seeing it around!
Grandma always had two spoon displays on the dining room wall, not something she took to assisted living. My cousin will get one, and I got the other.
I can't read the inscription, but who cares? They're not one matched set anyway, and I like that.
It looks good on the wall, eh?
One last thing: I always remember the "grown-ups" playing cribbage when I was a kid, so I couldn't resist this.
The mysteries of adulthood, right there. Aren't memory triggers funny? Do you have anything that takes you back like that?


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What's in the Book Lover's Kit?

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