Saturday, October 04, 2014

Fighting Startitis

It's a knitting term for when you want to start one new project after another, startitis, and I have a bad case lately. I have two shawls in progress and neglected already, a blanket for myself barely started and another for my friend getting married next year, a scarf in progress for another friend, a pair of socks done magic loop that have been sitting since April, the 2-in-1 socks moving slowly along, a baby present that stumped me and got put aside, and I recently started a scarf with the cashmere yarn I bought in the spring, and I want to start more and more and more.

Basically, this year all I've finished are socks and presents, but nothing bigger for myself. And I probably should, if "should" is a word to use for something I do only to please myself so what does it matter, finish one of the things hanging about, but instead I want to start a sweater pattern I liked, and a shawl with yummy yarn from Rhinebeck last year, and who knows what else besides. And if I start them all, I'll never finish any of them!

Now is probably not the time to start a lace pattern that requires much tracking, so I'll save the Echo Flowers shawl pattern to my computer for later, planning to using the Briar Rose Wistful yarn. (The pattern is intended for thinner yarn, but someone else made it with Wistful, and it looks so nice.)

I could maybe start the Hitch pullover; I have a copy of the pattern, and plan to use stash yarn for that, too. Of course, I should swatch for that, and I don't have time to.... yeah, I know. I know.

Well, I'm not starting anything tonight; it's time to get ready for bed, as Carlos is reminding me. We'll see what tomorrow looks like.


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