Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lots of Rhinebeck Goodness

Right, before I forget it all, time to report in on Rhinebeck. I wanted to title this post "The Rhinebeck, the Whole Rhinebeck, and Nothing But the Rhinebeck" but that isn't true: this is more like "what can I get done in an hour or less" so I'll expect to leave some things for another night. License plates and bumper stickers; old cars seen around; all the yarn I brought home!

I took off pretty early Saturday morning, had decent weather for driving with only a few spots of sprinkles, and arrived shortly after 11.

I'm here!
It was mostly cloudy on Saturday, though not actually rainy, but the trees did their best to shine.
The booths had the usual amazing things on display. I loved the stained-glass effect up the side of this one:
And if you were making socks for a wine lover, here's your pattern.
I stepped out of one barn to catch my breath (the crowds can be a bit much), and look what was there: color.
Everywhere, really.
Even without sun, just lovely.
The outfit in yellow surprised me. That's all I'm saying.
"What, you didn't expect to see sheep at a sheep and wool festival, lady?"
I stayed for about 4 hours, happily walking and pausing and buying and snacking and resting and looking and petting, before I started to feel done in, so I left and drove a dozen miles south to eat at the classic and wonderful Everready Diner. Totally out of my way to the hotel, totally worth it. I had chicken and biscuits and read, while listening to the hard-of-hearing couple at the next table, who were so bad that times four (which is how often he said everything), it was funny.

Then I took a slice of cheesecake to go and drove back the way I'd come and beyond, to the hotel. Settled in, listened to the Bruins game on the radio over the internet via the wifi on the iPad (isn't technology something?), was happy that they won, and more or less went right to bed. Worn out from all the fun!

This was the view from my room in the morning. Not bad!
A sunnier day, although also windier, unfortunately.
One note on the hotel that I had not noticed the night before: not the conventional spelling of entrance, is it?
Never mind, it was fine for what it was. Next I indulged myself by going back to the Everready for breakfast, and on a side note: this was the first year that I made this trip alone, and though I missed some on the aspects of going with friends, and will happily go as part of a group again in future, I will say that it was nice to be able to do exactly what I wanted to, when I decided to. No consultation, consideration, compromise. Just me.

Anyway, silver dollar pancakes and bacon and fresh-squeezed oj, and back to the fairgrounds. On the way, I got a text from a knitting friend who had decided to come out for the day, which was a lovely surprise. We would have arranged to meet up, but as it happened, I turned around in a booth that morning and there she was! Really pretty funny. We shopped together a bit, then met up for lunch before splitting again. It was nice to see her, and eat with her and her (patient) husband.

It was a beautiful day.

More animals to be seen, including rabbits
aspiring houdini sheep
too-busy-eating-to-say-hi guys
sheep chillin'

"What? Do I have a straw on me? I do, don't I?"
More noshing.
Alpaca parade! Or is it a llama parade?
Camelid parade, anyway.

I didn't see the Leapin' Llamas event, but apparently this woman jumped alongside her goat, to much acclaim. Have fun with it, right?
Only a few camelids were in their barn at that point, obviously.

On with the shopping. Lookit the little sweater in Bruins colors!
A really beautiful day.
I think I've taken a picture of this display every year.
Just love the colors!

In the awards area. What people can (and do) do with yarn...

And back outside...

You can lead a camelid, kind of. He chose his own path, though.
The rest of them were back in the barn so I went through again.
 "Underbite? What's that?"
 "Ha! You're funny."
Coming and going.
Assuming you can see where you're going.
 "Hey, I can see!"
Some of them are much bigger than others.

These two were VERY interested in what the young woman on the rail was eating.
 "You planning to share that?"
 "This is my best side!"
Shy sheep
 Sleepy sheep
Hanging onto the green
Letting it go, with abandon.

I think it was around 2 when I decided that I'd had about all the fun I could manage, facing the drive home. Traffic was heavier than it had been coming, but I was home and collapsing at a decent hour (giving thanks that the bad accident on the Pike was in the other direction: I don't know how many miles that backup was, but I was so glad not to have been in it). It was a great trip, and worth how exhausted it leaves me, but next year maybe I'll be able to take Monday off for recovery. I think that would help.



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What absolutely gorgeous photos, CCR. You do a wonderful job. I can't wait to see what you brought home.

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