Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Looking Ahead, and Looking Ahead Knitting-Style

Well, it's still the winter blahs in full force around here--good news, tomorrow's snow should only be a dusting! and Thursday's, too! isn't that great? Monday's may be "plowable" amounts, but it's too soon to be sure--but I booked my flights to Florida for my working vacation tonight, so there's something to make me smile.

And while I have to wait a few weeks for it, that gives the cats more time to adjust; looking at George right now, all peaceful on the couch, you wouldn't believe that earlier this evening he mugged Carlos as the latter was trying to use the litter box, good lord cat have some BOUNDARIES already. Not to mention that if he is HISSING and GROWLING at you, it means back off. Idiot.

But it hasn't been a month yet, and in another month they should be even better able to coexist. They kind of do now, I'm leaving them out together during the day while I'm at work, and not coming home to chaos, but man, George has his moments, the kind that get him shut back into the office, on a regular basis. Every night so far, he's gotten crazy enough to get put away; maybe, like Carlos when he was new here, he kind of wants the down time.

Sigh. Winter blahs. Full force. Let's talk about knitting, shall we?

I've started thinking about what to knit for my friend who got engaged recently. They haven't announced a date yet, but I need time to work on it, so starting soon isn't a bad idea. I'm thinking:
  • a blanket, since that's a good gift for two people
  • Irish/Celtic design, since she's very (very, very) into that
  • natural-color yarn (like your typical fisherman's sweater)
  • machine wash (because it's easier, especially with a blanket)
The pattern? I keep looking and deciding and changing my mind. And of course, I can't select the yarn before the pattern, so I have to decide on that first. I must have flagged a dozen patterns on Ravelry:
Lord. Indecision. Suggestions? Preferences?

Finally, in non-knitting, watch this heartwarming video.

Now tell me, do you think every hospital allows volunteers to cuddle babies? Because I would so be on board with that.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I would happily cuddle babies.

I really like option #3 with the tree instead of the heart. That's very very pretty.

8:24 PM, February 25, 2014  
Blogger jdj said...

Yea to Fla trip, yea to wedding present.

9:43 PM, February 25, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

What Mary Ellen said - both times.

I'm glad the boys are developing some sort of rapport.

9:27 AM, February 26, 2014  

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