Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday Night Cat Talk

I worked from home Thursday as well as Wednesday; my boss had said it would be all right if I did, and given the condition of the street in the morning, the decision made itself.
This was the pretty part, looking up. Don't look down.

By afternoon, things were much clearer, and driving in today wasn't bad at all, just sloppy. And since my boss didn't come in today, that means this week only rated a 2-of-5 in-person boss annoyance factor. Not bad! (Next week it's review time. Likely to be significantly less fun. Sufficient unto the day, etc.)

Working from home meant the cats had plenty of face time, and they did well enough yesterday that I didn't lock George away when bedtime came. Things went well in the night, with feline interaction but no fighting, though I did shut him in again around 3 this morning when he was being a little too bouncy for me. He went in without complaint, came out again this morning (and at one point he went bouncing into the bedroom at Carlos, who didn't even get big-tail-y, so good sign there), and went in again when I got ready for work. By Monday, if not before, I expect I'll be ready to leave them together, but again, we'll see how it goes.When I was buying cat food* tonight, I also got one of those plug-in cat calming things, so hopefully that will make things even less stressful around here. For me, if not for them!
*And some toys. Because, you know. Hey, the gecko was on clearance!**
**Can I tell you how much I hope someone will find this blog through a search of that phrase? Or use it as a spy password: 
"The cock crows at midnight." 
"The gecko was on clearance."
What in the world is this?

One slightly unpleasant thing is that it turns out* George has roundworms, which are apparently pretty common and easy to treat and not all that dangerous but still, ew. I picked up his medicine and gave him the first dose tonight, much to his surprise; fortunately, it's a once-weekly (for 4 weeks) thing, so not that onerous.
*I had to get a "sample" from him and drop it off, and it couldn't be too old, so it took a few days to put all that together, and I didn't hear back until yesterday.

So There we are. In addition to all the other things I have going on this weekend, I want to try to get some cat pictures in daylight, because man, black cats need natural light. This is the best I have for now.
Action shot with flippy tail. The laser pointer got him rawther worked up.


Blogger Kate P said...

Your kitty boys are too cute. I hope the plug-in helps foster their friendship!

8:25 PM, February 07, 2014  
Blogger Kali said...

I read the copy for the kitty calmer thingy...boy was that copywriter stretching! The department of redundancy department and all that.


I love your kitties!

9:21 PM, February 07, 2014  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I want to meet George!

9:32 PM, February 07, 2014  

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