Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cats and Overwhelmedness, and Yarn

I've had a slightly headache-y weekend, not terrible but definitely impairing my mood, as well as my ability to get things done and to deal with things as they happen. A low point, for instance, was when the tech support guy said he was open to suggestions about how to fix my problem ... like that wasn't what I was calling him for. If I knew how to fix it, I wouldn't have called! I don't know, I've just been questioning my ability to be the one in charge. There isn't anyone else here to do it, but shouldn't there be? I can't be the adult. I was just thinking about Batman...

I suppose I should try to formulate the question I was going to put to you about the cats. Not about how to get them to get along (answer: wait) or how to get George to let me trim his claws (answer: damned if I know, the boy doesn't want it done and he is strong), it's about food and water dishes, and George's propensity for overturning them. Anyone experienced this?

It started when he was still in the office all the time, and I had his food and water dishes on a tray there. I had to put a towel under them because he kept spilling the water, and I kept having to pick up the food because he was tipping that bowl around, too. I was giving him dry food, as the shelter people said that was what he'd been used to, but once he was let out of the office, I started giving him wet food, too, and I put some dry food down for Carlos (who has had wet-only for a few years now) as long as it was in the house (he's delighted). George likes the wet stuff, and only once in a while is he eating any of the dry, but he will often come along and try to overturn the bowls, scraping as though he's covering something in the litter box. I thought at first it was some holdover after he left the box, but he does it other times, too, and the other night I cleaned up the food he'd spilled and five minutes later he was doing it again. 

I have to keep towels under the water bowls, and I'm sick of picking up crunchies, and why is he doing this? I can't figure him out. Like I don't have enough messes to clean up!

Anyway. I have some duck feet to knit. Here's the first one, in progress.
So far, so good!
But I have a ways to go.

And more to look forward to!
It was a yarn sale...


Blogger Jennifer said...

such a cute idea - hope it works to stabilize the bowls

9:16 AM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

Pretty duck feet! You doing them on the bike?

Up until a few months ago Tux' water & kibble dishes were side by side in a smallish tray in the kitchen. Then he started to flip the kibble out of the dish into the tray and/or from there to the floor. The water wasn't doing too well either because he'd use a paw to scoop and fling water or tip the bowl. The kibble is now poured directly into the tray and the water dish (so far so good) is a deeper pottery kitty bowl sitting on a plate beside the tray. It's been working well about 5 months now and I really hope telling you doesn't jinx things :)

Have you tried a towel over George's eyes when you trim? Or a cat muzzle (goes over the eyes and keeps the mouth closed)?

9:48 AM, February 24, 2014  

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