Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Working from Home

Being able to work from home today was so very nice. Quite apart from the idea of not having to worry about the snow, it's a peaceful way to get things done, isn't it? No doubt if my current work situation was more pleasant*, I would miss going in regularly, but as it is ... it was nice.
*Speaking of which, no news, but I sent another How-about-it e-mail just now. Fingers are still crossed, right?

George was out (of solitary confinement, that is) for most of the day; I just popped him back in when I fed them, as Carlos is not yet ready for the "what have you got, ooh I'll try that" stage of friendliness. Someone from the agency where I got George called today to see how he was doing, and I was able to tell her that although they aren't friends yet, they aren't enemies either. It does look promising.
George found all the snow-related noises baffling. Plows, snow blowers, shovels ... all had him at attention. But he also sat on my lap some of the time, and disappeared for a nap (presumably) for several hours, so it's not like he was completely stressed. I went out twice to work on digging out the car; I'd guess we got about 10 inches, enough that I'm sore now, anyway. According to the forecast, it isn't going above freezing for the next week, so what we got isn't going anywhere. And the next storm, this weekend, they aren't sure yet how much it will bring where. Awesome. I don't even find comfort in the fact that today's was great snowman snow, though others did.
I was more comforted by the hyacinth that I cleverly bought myself last weekend. I love the smell, and the sight certainly beats what's outside the window.
Pink. Color. Not white, or once-white-now-dingy, but color. Time for me to visit the greenhouse again, isn't it? What do you do, when the drear of winter hits you?


Blogger Kate P said...

I wish I could brighten up the place with flowers! How are your kitties so well behaved that they don't treat them like a salad bar?

5:00 PM, February 06, 2014  

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