Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fully Random Bullets

It's only 8, but I'm bleary. Bullets it is!
  • I finally called the doctor and went in today for the cough. He gave me a couple of things to try: a pill which may help, an inhaler to try if it doesn't, and the codeinated cough syrup for nights. We'll see!
  • This morning at work, my document again had the same problem I had yesterday (and, since I was in the office, I could not yell curses aloud, which was frustrating). These templates. Why the company doesn't care that we waste so much time on these issues puzzles me exceedingly.
  • I left George and Carlos together today (they've been left together, but not for an entire day), and Carlos seemed all right when I got home. Of course, I had to put George in for some quiet time shortly after I got in, when he tried to bite me while I was checking on Carlos; I'm not sure if it was a protest at not getting all the attention, or a notification that he had finished the food I put down for him, but an hour apart lets us both calm down. And in fact, I needed that hour to do some work, as I left early to go to the doctor.
  • The "light rain" forecast for this afternoon was big, fluffy, wet snowflakes instead. I had to clear half an inch off my car, and the roads were slushy and slippery. Enough! (It's supposed to be 40 tomorrow and 50 on Friday, but I've had it with the "supposed to" shit.) I could hardly stand to look out the window.
  • In Olympic hockey news, the Russian men were eliminated today, which is going to lead to a lot of hand-wringing. Go, Tuukka! The Finns advanced; as many a headline punned, the Russians were Finn-ished. 
  • There was almost a bigger upset, though, as eleventh-ranked Latvia took Canada (that is, the defending gold medalists) to the very last minute. Canada won 2-1, but I swear I could hear the whole country, our neighbors to the north, not breathing for a few hours there. Latvia? Almost knocked out CANADA? Canada out-shot them 57-15 and barely won. I was watching a live summary online which include some Twitter stuff, and I noticed and was amused by a few from someone I'm not familiar with, Bruce Arthur (who is a "National Post sports columnist" apparently). Such as "Power play for Canada with 8:51 left, in a game in which they are tied with Latvia at the Olympics. These sentences are so weird to type" and "Wikipedia says Latvia has 4,271 registered hockey players. Canada has that many hockey ANALYSTS."
  • The US, meanwhile, defeated the Czechs 5-2, and it sounds like it wasn't as close as I thought it would be, but it's no Latvia. Krejci joins Chara on the "Bruins done at the Olympics" list; Patrice, Loui, and Tuukka play on.
  • The men play for position on Friday, then for medals over the weekend. The women, meanwhile, play their medal games tomorrow. Will the US win gold or silver (women), gold or silver or bronze or nothing (men)? Stay tuned.
  • My blog got an e-mail about an "advert" opportunity for some compensated posts about an online casino, which would be "Tailored to fit in with your site and audience." How exactly do you think I could tailor such content for the tone of the blather I generally produce?
  • The duck feet knitting proceeded well last night. Still not overconfident.
  • Last, but certainly not least: Over the last couple of years, I've tracked when I get headaches, and also specifically when I get the terrible ones. In the last 2+ years, I've sometimes gone 5 or 6 weeks between the awful ones, but no more. It's now 17 weeks and counting since I've had an awful one. Break out the balloons and confetti!


Blogger Leslie said...

Half an inch of snow? We called our knitting group off at 1:45 yesterday afternoon. In the one hour we had been there we had seen 3" of fluff accumulate - I am not kidding you. It continued another hour and I have 4-1/2 inches of SNOW from the "occasional flurries" of yesterday. Using the snow blower Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday sets an all time record for me and it's not one I care to break.

7:54 AM, February 20, 2014  

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