Saturday, February 15, 2014

Trying to Keep Head Above Snow

It hasn't been a great day. I'm never a fan of winter, as you may have picked up (it's a subtle thread, but if you look carefully, it's there), but the snow-and-snow-and-snowy ones are particularly hard, and even before it started today, I was edgy about it. Too many, too much, too often. It's like winter strips away any cushion I have to cope with life, and the least stupid thing feels much worse than it would any other time of the year.

However! I got out this morning, and picked up a few essential storm supplies.
Some people buy bread and milk when a bad storm is due, but some of us go to the library. I read two of them today already.

I also did some knitting. I finished the little neckwarmer scarf for my grandmother.
The snippet on the right is how much yarn was left. Extreme knitting victory!

Then tonight I worked some more on the Bruins scarf. Did I mention that? Too lazy to look it up and see if I did. I made one for my friend's grandson after she got us the Bruins tickets, and his parents liked it soooo much...

So I finished one last week:
And I'm halfway through the second. They go pretty quickly, obviously, though big needles are a bit hard on my hands after a while.

The cats have had some success and some failure today. Well, put blame where it belongs: George has had some failure. He was back in solitary for a few hours this afternoon after chasing Carlos. But he's been good tonight, even being on the bed without being attack-y or even in-your-face, so we'll see if he can keep that up. I've been checking in regularly, and praising him for being "such a good boy" every time. Hopefully he can learn: if you chase That Other Car, if you bite the hand that pats you, whoosh, you are alone behind a closed door, and what fun is that?

Fortunately for him, he's pretty cute, so I'll keep trying.
Though, occasionally, he can be a little herp-derp:
Yeah, I know, not exactly the same, but it made me think of it. Smiling is good today, for any silly reason.


Blogger Leslie said...

Cats are going to chase one another. The one being chased might not like it much however the chasee will get back to the chaser at some point, in some way. As long as there are no scratches, hanks of fur torn out, blood and visceral screams of death from either one, it's natural. I know Carlos has a big place in your heart but he's probably quite capable of protecting himself when/if he has to. /s/ George's Advocate

Nice job on the scarfs! Are they considered "bike knitting?" Just asking...

8:27 AM, February 16, 2014  

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