Sunday, February 09, 2014

Lookit the Kitty. Kitties!

I'm already looking forward to next weekend. It's a long weekend (I get Monday off for Presidents' Day), which means that this time next week, I will not be feeling the end-of-weekend blues. Won't that be nice?

I think I'll make this a cat-picture-heavy entry; the words aren't coming to me now. As promised, pictures of George in daylight. Even so, not all great, but better.
 I believe he is unfamiliar with the sounds of a dishwasher.
He was curious, but dubious.
He is curious generally.
He naps in the carrier sometimes. After all, if a guy doesn't nap during the day, he won't have the energy for the 3 AM leaping!
Mary Ellen brought a tribute when she came to meet him, which he graciously accepted.
He also accepted her presence (that's her foot at the top right) with little hesitation.
He knows how to relax.
Perhaps almost too well. About to drip off the edge there, dude.

And, just in case you forgot, there's another cat here.
Who is also very cute. Just saying.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

He's such a sweet boy!

7:45 PM, February 09, 2014  
Blogger Kate P said...

Cute kitties! (You do wonder where they lived before, don't you--that they are surprised by certain things?)

8:36 PM, February 09, 2014  

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