Friday, May 13, 2016

Ahh, Friday Night, Randomly

Some more photos of last night's adventure with the new catnip toy, with interpretive commentary.
What's dis?
 Why won't it stay still?
 If you notice the lighter color at the far end, that's the part he didn't lick yet.
 What toy?
 I don't know what you mean. Look somewhere else. Nothing here.
Today, by the way, it is old news. Hopefully he will play with it again, but even if he doesn't, I think I got my $3.05 worth of amusement out of it last night. He was unusually active over it, and it was pretty funny to watch. At one point I thought he was done with it, and went to pick him up, at which point he twisted wildly out of my hands to get back to it--I thought he might bite me if I didn't release him! Which, maybe he wouldn't have, but it was still out of character for Mr. Laid Back. And funny.

In other news, I thought I picked my next sock yarn at random, but after I wound it:
And started working with it:
I had a thought about what might have influenced my choice.
So from now on, they're the tulip socks.

My cousin shared a photo of gelato on Facebook recently, and said it was fantastic, which given that she's been to Italy is quite a statement. It's a company from Maine, Gelato Fiasco, and I had to try it myself.
Even better, when I went to Stop and Shop, it was on sale, so I got two. Which is an odd thing to do, arguably, on the way home from the gym, but on the other hand, while I was in the pool I was watching a man pacing outside smoking, which is also an odd thing to do at a gym. We're all human. And she was right, it is amazing.

Speaking of the gym, while I was in the class last night, I was musing on how odd it feels to exercise and not hate it. I still don't like it, but I don't hate it, don't dread going, don't try to come up with reasons not to go. I just ... go. And do the class. And creak home again. And take some ibuprofen. You know. As one does.

Maybe someday I'll even get over the feeling that two hours of exercise a week is "so much more than none," and do a little more. But let's not rush into anything.

Finally, for the Harry Potter fans out there, here are some intrepid skydivers playing quidditch. Crazy.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I knew those socks were inspired by the tulips!!

6:02 PM, May 13, 2016  

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