Monday, May 23, 2016

A Philosophical Question, and More Ratings

I didn't notice that I got soap or shampoo in my eye in the shower this morning, but the eye was red when I got out, and bothered me all day. How do you get soap in your eye without noticing it?

Time for more movie ratings!

Some specific nudity; and, would serious use of the f-word be better or worse?
I feel so bad for the crumpets.
I'm going to see this one, so I'll let you know how badly the crumpets fared.

Both nudity and naked greed! Now we're really into Robert Graves territory.
Finally, and I expect I've said this before, this may be my very favorite ever.
Really, how could you turn that into a mere rating?



Blogger Mary Ellen said...

You're going to have to see Love and Friendship with me, because I'm dying to see it, and I doubt Jeff is interested.

7:50 PM, May 23, 2016  

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