Sunday, January 17, 2016

This and That, Flower and Cat

I am having a very lazy day. I made dinner--scalloped potatoes and ham--but haven't done much more along productive lines. Which is okay.

There were other photos on the camera along with the ones from yesterday, including this one:
Yes, I have a lot of t-shirts (and that is most but not all of them). And when I get behind in laundry, that can be a helpful thing. And when I finally, after they are all washed, fold them to put them away, well, it can be a little startling. By the way, I see six Bruins shirts and three other hockey-related shirts there.

Not in that pile was my favorite shirt, the Keep Calm and Bergeron. Recently, when contemplating how worn it is getting, I decided that instead of waiting for it to wear out, and potentially finding out then that they didn't make it any more, I should see if they still make it now, and if so, buy one. And they still do, so I did!

Can you tell which is the old one and which the new?
It gets a lot of wear.

Incidentally, I was wearing a Bruins t-shirt with my bruins-logo button-down over it one night recently at the chiropractor, and he made some comment about I was dressed to go to a game--as I told him, from my closet, that isn't hard.

I also have more flower photos, this time of my own flowers. When I was at Wilson Farm a week or two ago, I had to get a hyacinth, and then when I was at Trader Joe's last week, I got another one. They smell so good and the colors are so pretty. We haven't had an awful winter so far (knock wood), but of course last winter started the same way, and it was so bad I kind of have post-winter stress when I think about it. Flowers help.

The first one is an almost plum purple, the color of which did not come through very well.
And while that bloom is fairly well gone by now, there was another bud just coming up, that is still very nice.
At TJ's, I chose one that hadn't opened yet, so I wasn't sure what color it would be. Turns out to be a very pale pink.
It's open more now, since this was from two days ago. Hyacinths certainly are strong-smelling; I love the scent, so that isn't a problem for me, but anyone who didn't like it couldn't bring one in the house at all, you know?

Other random photo-ness: I got the new Bruins wall calendar, as I do every year, and was glad that I don't use it as a write-on memory service, because look what they did.
You used to get half the spread for the month, but not this year.
As I said, not a problem for me, Just, interesting.

Carlos is finally sleeping peacefully on the bed. He's had a velcro day, so I'm glad he's finally settled down. I don't know what his problem was.

So many things on my many ways you are letting me down...
It's a hard life.


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