Wednesday, January 06, 2016

In the Office, and Knitting

Going in to work today wasn't bad. It was odd, and perhaps on the pointless side in some ways, but it was fine.

[Sidenote: In a major irony, I came home to find a sorry-we-missed-you notice from UPS. The one day I'm not home? And I don't remember having to sign for a single thing that I got delivered for Christmas, so why this one, I wonder?]

The main point of my going in was kind of a farewell for the boss from the editors, on the pretext of giving her the opportunity to provide feedback on the editorial guide updates that have been in process for months. And we did do some of that, but there was also a lot of random-other-topic conversation, with donuts. I mean, none of us have anything to edit right now, so it's not like we were taking time away from something else, but obviously she isn't high on my list of people to spend time hanging out with, so ... not the most fun ever. But it was fine. I even pulled out the sock knitting and worked on that for a while (not wanting to reach for another donut as lunch time approached). It's ready to start the heel flap now.

I'm planning to drop in again tomorrow after lunch, since that's when they're getting her a cake, so today wasn't really my final good-bye, but I did leave her a note (she was out for a walk when I left) filled with nice double-meaning platitudes ("it won't be the same without you" and "I've learned a lot from working with you"). Grown-up level achieved.

In other news, I finished my first knitting project of the year today! On January sixth, yes. That's what happens when you knit a hat out of super-bulky yarn: about two hours of knitting and you're done. It would have been done earlier in the week, in fact, except that it took me three tries to get the fit right. I'll have to get some pictures in real light to show it off. It isn't the first project of the year that I started: that would be the cashmere scarf, in its own take 2. I like this pattern so, so much better. Sometimes things don't work, sometimes they do.


Blogger Leslie said...

The Car Talk guys once had list of double meaning job reference phrases similar to the ones you used with the ex-boss. My favorite was "You would be lucky to have Joe work for you (since we never managed to get him to work for us)."

Congratulations on achieving grown up ambiguity.

3:43 PM, January 07, 2016  

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