Friday, January 15, 2016

By Popular Request (yeah, right)

More random! It's what's for dinner!

  • I kind of snorted at part of an email about stories in this Sunday's Globe, which apparently will include a piece about "how to hang drapes for the look you want and the life you live." When I moved into my condo, nine years ago last November, it had no window coverings at all. Since I wanted to be able to sleep past dawn, and be able to change clothes in my bedroom, I bought some simple drape panels, I think at Christmas Tree Shops, three blue ones for the three windows in the bedroom, and three yellow ones for the two windows in the living room and the one in the office. I didn't get anything for the kitchen windows, figuring I could live without coverings there. I also got those telescoping bars you can use to hang them, because I didn't want to deal with real hardware. Guess what still hangs there to this day? And the kitchen still has nothing. The life I want to live is apparently not too concerned with window covering details. Perhaps I am in the minority that way.
  • I was shopping online today for a new swimsuit, as the one I have been using is at least ten years old, and giving way under the pressure of twice-weekly use. I was surprised when one site I was looking at (Lane Bryant) did not allow filtering by type of suit (one-piece), the way other sites did. But then I got to and found that there you can, but it actually filters out all but one suit, even though they carry other one-pieces. So that's even worse, really. On the other hand, I found a suit there that may just do; I ordered it, and we'll see how it works.
  • I went into Costco recently to renew an existing prescription with my new insurance, and was more than pleased when the pharmacist told me that if I refilled it for 30 days with the insurance, it would be $9, or I could pay $12 without using the insurance, and get a 90-day supply. Uh, option B, please! I think it's really cool that they check stuff like that without even being asked.
  • Oh, Bruins, please, please win one tonight.


Blogger Leslie said...

As long as you have privacy when and where you need it, who cares?

In both our last two houses we lived in the woods, with no houses but one visible and only one window from that house overlooking our kitchen. We had no window coverings but decorative valances. In this apartment I have sheers in the bedroom and living room, but the place came with venetian blinds in all the windows. I raise and lower the blinds daily to get optimal sunlight in the winter as the light is more important than fashion statements.

8:01 PM, January 15, 2016  

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