Monday, January 11, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

There's a cat purring beside me, and the Bruins have a small lead heading into the third period.

I had a good time at stitch and bitch before that, chatting and knitting my cashmere scarf, and I also bought more cat treats (we were almost out, oh no), and got four loads of laundry done today.

I have the commercials muted, and just caught part of a very strange Jim Beam commercial that had liquid floating in the air.

It's very cold here today; fortunately yesterday, when it poured rain, it was 50-something instead of barely 30.

I'm sad that David Bowie died. I remember my brother made me a mix tape, many many years ago, that included a couple of Bowie songs, I think it was Changes and Ziggy Stardust. I also loved Suffragette City, maybe that was on it, and Space Oddity (which I always think of as Major Tom) still makes me sniffle when I really listen to it. Oh, so many greats.

Sigh. Thinking of that makes me sad, plus the cat jumped down and the Bruins game is now tied, and, well, time to turn the computer off and start getting ready for bed. Every post can't be an exciting one, I'm afraid.


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