Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Not Dead

I'm slumped on the couch, mildly sore from swimming, watching the Bruins, and fending off cat guilt from Carlos, who wants me to come to bed already. Which isn't happening, it isn't halfway through the third period, but anyway. My point is, I wasn't feeling like turning the computer back on, but wanted to check in here.

I'm fine. Well, other than the weather, which is bitter cold. Tomorrow I go into the office, which means dressing up more than usual, and commuting, but for a worthy cause, so that's ok.

And how are you?


Blogger goosefairy said...

I have a regular work-from-home on Wednesdays and am SO glad for it. This morning especially. It is bitterly cold and there were problems in the metro right at the stop where I get on. It would have meant waiting for no telling how long on the platform, in the bitter cold. I look forward to Wednesday every week but this week it worked out especially nice.

12:30 PM, January 06, 2016  

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