Thursday, January 07, 2016

Updates of Exercise, Knitting

I often use this space to work through problems and things I'm struggling with, and plenty of the time, the topic is exercise. So you may, perhaps, have noticed a lack of angst about my recent gym membership and swimming plans. I thought I ought to let you know how it's been going.

I joined the gym on November 17th. They have a water aerobics class on Tuesday nights, and I figured I could aim to do that, and go another night and swim laps. I went as a sort of test that Thursday, the 19th, and then went to my first class on Tuesday the 24th.

Then it was Thanksgiving weekend, and I was lazy.

And then I got sick.

I was able to get to the class on December 8th, though I left early due to still being under the weather, energy-wise. The following week, I made it through the whole class, but did not go again that week, and then I was away for a week (though I did swim one day while I was there).

Upon my return, I went to class on Tuesday and swam laps on Thursday (yes, new year's eve), and did the same this week. And it ... wasn't that hard to make myself do it. A friend asked if I like it, and I said that I don't hate it, to which she admitted that for me, that's saying something! The laps are pretty boring, and I wish they had classes two nights a week, but still, I don't have to twist my own arm to make myself go.

Which is probably good, as I'm having some soreness in my right shoulder, so twisting would be bad! I'm trying to stretch it, and having the chiropractor work on it, and hopefully it will get better soon. For that matter, hopefully soon I will feel some sort of benefit from the exercise ... but give it time, right?

Oh, and I took some pictures of the hat I mentioned yesterday. Flat:
And on a small lampshade, to give the impression on the head:
I'm happy with it, Bruins colors and all! And now I'm going to eat something before bed. Yaaawwwn.


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