Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Knitting Updates (and a hockey postscript)

Elizabeth asked for details about the scarf I flashed last night, which I can certainly provide. Always happy to talk knitting!

First of all, having started with one ounce of yarn, I can state with confidence that the project is now 85% complete.
Which has made it over three feet long. Proof photo number one:
And number two.
This pattern is the Diagonal Garter Lace Scarf, which I found on Ravelry once I was ready to admit that the pattern I was using at first was not working for me; I started knitting it on January 3rd.

The yarn is an ounce of pure cashmere from Springtide Farm, color cornflower, purchased at the Interweave Knit Lab market in May 2014. Being an ounce, and cashmere, the scarf is soft and warm and virtually weightless. I can't wait to see what blocking does for it, but I like how it looks now, too.

The execution is very simple; it's a 12-row repeat, and I only have to glance at the pattern* to see where I need to start and finish, since the pattern is staggered (being diagonal like that). The even rows are knit except for the YO and the following stitch (which are purled), so that's easy to see, too.
*I could avoid the need for that by really looking at the piece itself, since it isn't that hard to read, but to make it easier social knitting, I'm using a row counter and looking at the pattern.

As long as I had the camera out, I caught the finished sock from the purse pair.
Sort of a plain vanilla in looks (in my go-to pattern, as always), but the yarn, being merino with some alpaca, is nice and soft. These will be a good quiet option for my sock drawer, which can tend toward the louder and bolder, at least more so than it did before I started knitting socks--almost 10 years ago, wow!
I went with the eye of partridge heel, just because I felt like it.
These two projects are all I've been working on recently (well, the sock I have at my desk for conference calls has had an hour here and there); there are others waiting to be picked up again, but I'm so close to finishing the scarf, I want to do that before my eye gets caught by something else. At least, that's today's plan...

Unrelated, but I ran across this today, and man, did it take me back to my childhood! The music of hockey on TV38, and the great Bobby Orr.

No helmets, no names on the jerseys, no ads on the boards, small logos at center ice ... but oh, the moves...


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Thanks!! I am going to rummage in my stash to see what I have that might work. Alternatively, one of my LYS is having a sale after our big (here in Va) snowstorm. Your color of cashmere is particularly gorgeous. Stay warm!

8:36 AM, January 27, 2016  
Blogger Leslie said...

That scarf looks like you've already blocked it. You did a great job (as usual).

Thanks for the hockey clip. As you said no helmets, no names but such moves! I actually watched all 7 minutes, entranced.

9:20 AM, January 27, 2016  

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