Sunday, December 27, 2015

Not the Trip Report, Yet

I got the photos off my camera and onto the computer, which is an important step to getting them into the blog, but despite my lazy day, I am not feeling motivated to roll out The Story of My Trip right now. It doesn't help that the Bruins game is on, and I am distracted by hoping vehemently that they play better than they did last night, when (welcome home, ccr) they let a 3-1 lead turn into a 6-3 loss, ow. I think what I'll do is put up a few random photos unrelated to the trip, to get them out of the way.

For instance, pre-trip Carlos, all paws:
And a few movie ratings:

I love these things. I can't believe I have barely glanced at them all these years. What I've missed!

Speaking of the Globe, they had an article yesterday on the effect of touch in sports, and asked several local athletes for their take on it. Our own pesky Brad Marchand, aka the Nose Face Killah, had this to say:
Tongue not at all in cheek, I'm sure (big pants?). No wonder they put him last: what could follow that?

Slightly trip-related is this note from the pet sitter, who managed in one of her daily notes to sum up the essential Carlos:
If you can't read her writing, it says, "Carlos just likes to chill out on your bed and look out the window." Yes, yes he does. That's him in a nutshell.

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