Monday, May 11, 2015

Of Blue Apron; Audible; and a Pop Quiz

As I thought when I saw the latest week's Blue Apron recipes (the latest week I got, that is), they were pretty much a win with me--I made two of three, I didn't love everything about them, but ate them all, and aspects of each I really liked, and they even got me thinking about things I could do for myself along the same lines.

However, this week also cemented for me that cooking 3 big meals a week is more than I want, and I think I will be stopping the experiment soon. Before I do, though, does anyone want to try it for themselves? Because Blue Apron sent me an email that I can send free meals to a few people, and just because it doesn't work for my situation isn't to say it's a bad service! Are you interested? Intrigued? Want to try? First two (or three, if Mary Ellen decides to pass) can try it. You have to give me your email address, and I can send you the link.

For Christmas, one gift I got was a 3-month subscription to Audible, which let me buy one audio book per month. Quite a fun gift to get, by the way!

The first one, I got Captains Courageous, which if you're unfamiliar with is a classic, it's by Rudyard Kipling, and I loved it from the time I read it in high school.

The second month, I chose a sci-fi book that I kept borrowing (the audio of) from the library, Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, which I loved both the book and the audio, so it was a perfect choice.

And the third I have yet to choose, but what's cracking me up is poor Audible trying to come up with suggestions that are "Based on Your Audible Purchases". Perhaps another classic! Or another by Lois McMaster Bujold! Or ... a classic? I can almost hear their wheels spinning... "These two books have nothing in common! What the hell are we supposed to say? 'Here's a book that is also written in English!'"

They do a little better when they pull in my Amazon and Kindle purchases (pop quiz: what do Patricia Briggs, Georgette Heyer, and Gail Carriger have in common?), although some of those are clearly based on books I bought for my friend's daughter when she turned 10. Mind you, I loved My Side of the Mountain too, but... you know. It may not be my first choice for the audio. Though I suppose I'll listen to the sample before I rule it out.

And if I did pick it, what do you suppose they would suggest based on those three?

Time for a meaningless quiz! I need your help, folks.

The Globe's Big Picture feature today was of the tornadoes that swept through part of the country last week. Photo number 11 is captioned thusly:
A man walks atop his recreational vehicle, turned on it's side during the storms of May 6th, with a boy he salvaged, in Oklahoma City, on May 7.
Now, obviously the it's should be its, but my question is, what is "with a boy he salvaged" supposed to mean? Not only can one not, technically, "salvage" a boy, there is no boy visible in the picture, that I can see anyway. It must be a mistake, but I can't figure out for what. He has something in his hand, but I can't make it out. Could it be a buoy? Help!


Anonymous Claud Reich said...

"with the bo_w_ he salvaged", I think. What he was planning to *do* with his bow -- shoot the RV in its soft underbelly, and put it out of its misery? -- beats me...

10:15 PM, May 11, 2015  
Blogger Alice said...

They've removed that phrase from the caption! It's now just "A man walks atop his recreational vehicle in Oklahoma City, on May 7."

Maybe a toy he salvaged??

9:46 AM, May 12, 2015  

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